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Becoming a Police Officer in Saskatchewan

The Saskatchewan Police College trains police officers that have already been hired by a Saskatchewan police service.  The municipal police services hiring procedures are in compliance with the Municipal Police Recruiting Regulations, 1991.  These include successfully completing the following:

  • an application for police employment
  • a criminal record check
  • an educational examination
  • a written test of mental ability
  • a personal history form
  • a preliminary interview
  • a polygraph test
  • a formal interview by senior officers
  • one or more medical examinations
  • the Police Officer's Physical Ability Test (POPAT)

Preparing for Police College

The 20-week Recruit Training Program is a physically and mentally demanding course. Candidates should arrive in top physical condition that includes both cardiovascular and muscular fitness. Arriving in less than top condition, puts a candidate at a distinct disadvantage and increases the risks of injury during training.

Additional Information on Fitness Preparation



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