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B.A. Police Studies
Department of Justice Studies
University of Regina

The Bachelor of Arts in Police Studies offered by the University of Regina is a four-year degree program. It includes three years of liberal arts study, followed by a fourth year which is comprised of one term at Police College and a one term internship with a police service. The liberal arts portion of the Program introduces students to the diversity and complexity of Canadian society, and to the role of law and policing in modern democracies. This innovative Program exposes students to a variety of ways of looking at the social realities and issues that underlie police work. The fourth year allows students to apply this understanding in an operational setting.

The Program has been designed to produce the finest recruits possible for those police services which have entered into partnership with the Program, and also to enable serving officers to obtain university degrees and pursue graduate studies. This latter option is facilitated through a close partnership with the Canadian Institute for Peace, Justice and Security, also located at the University of Regina. The Police Studies Program is one of the most popular and rapidly growing programs at the University of Regina, and is a reflection of both the increasing professionalism of police work in the modern world and the University of Regina's commitment to social justice.

For more information please consult the Faculty of Arts website.

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